Physical perfection is pretty much the end goal. Or so we’re told.

But who tells you the truth – that flaws are actually what makes us human and unites us all?

So why are we so ashamed of our “flaws” anyway?

Particularly as the so-called end goal of Physical Perfection is actually completely unachievable for 99.999% of us and unsustainable for 100% of us.

Wouldn’t life be a lot easier and a lot more fun if we embraced our differences, let go of perfection and treated our own body with the care and awe it deserves?

Natalie Jones blog

But it’s often pretty hard to change the way we think about ourselves on our own. Sometimes we need a little friendly nudge in the right direction!

That’s how Every Body Beautiful came about.

It’s a movement to inspire you to:

Embrace your amazing uniqueness instead of hiding it

Love your body instead of feeling shame

Spend less time obsessing about how your body looks so you can spend more time enjoying all it can do

Then we can CHANGE the end goal to FEELING GREAT and having more fun with the people we truly care about.

Because isn’t that really what life’s about?

Feeling good begins with knowing you are already worthy.