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The ability and temptation is there for us to compare ourselves against our peers and those we aspire to be like 24/7. But what can we do to break out of this vicious way of being?

How do you define beauty?

How I made the monumental transition to change the way I perceive myself and my body, and how you can too

Are you frustrated by the general lack of helpful and reliable information available to you about your condition? My journey with Vitiligo has been one that has taken me on countless roller-coaster rides of self-doubt, frustration and shame. It’s time for us all to get off.

Most of us are aware of the indignity and inequality that occurs around the world due to differences in skin colour, but many don’t know of the additional shame, frustration and mistreatment of those who, without choice, start to lose their natural pigment.

During my life, I’ve met many people whose worlds have come crushing down simply because they started to lose the pigment colour in their skin (myself included). But just what is Vitiligo?

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